Our roster of amazing artists past and present:

Brown Bag
Formed in Fall 2010, Brown Bag is a fresh, organic rock & roll band hailing from the Southside of Chicago, IL. Influences range from folk, rock, jam, jazz & more. A unique, yet acquainted group striving to develop a unique sound & style. Brown Bag refuses to stick to one specific musical movement. Their catalog is as diverse as their influences, while remaining concise & cohesive.
Woodbox Gang
The Woodbox Gang is a band based in Makanda, Illinois. They play an eclectic, unique style of bluegrass music labeled by some as "insurgent Americana," "jug-punk," "y'allternative," and "funk-a-billy;" though they prefer the terms "caustic acoustic" and "trashcan Americana".
Sam West Trio
Sam West is a singer/songwriter based out of Nashville TN. Music cross pollinates jazz & country for a hybrid of roots Americana that grooves. Check out Sam West 2013 Release 'Break the Bread' on iTUNES & all things Streaming
Giant City Slickers
The Giant City Slickers are a traditional western swing band from the city of Carbondale in Southern Illinois. The group features Mark Stoffel on electric mandolin and fiddle, Dan Goett on lead guitar, Alex Kirt on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Blake Bramlett on Upright Bass, and Jim Beers on Drums. The Giant City Slickers play pure western swing, the way Bob Wills played it. Ahhh Haaaaw!
Hobo Knife
Feeling trapped by the alienating conditions of existence? Caught in a hell-bound flood of existential angst? That seductively mournful wail you hear is Hobo Knife - singing your song. Join us. Drink, dance and make merry - 'cause misery loves company.
Soul Glo
Classic soul sound for southern Illinois